Valeo Responds to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
April 1, 2015    Disclosures    POSTED IN  Valeo Company News

As financial advisors, it is rare for us at Valeo to comment on politics, especially politics that fall outside our areas of expertise (like tax, estate, and our role as a fiduciary). With the recent political controversy surrounding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, we feel compelled to go on record in support of our clients and our community. Valeo does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and Valeo serves all persons without regard to age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We hope our state legislators will go on record confirming the same, and have sent them the below letter to encourage immediate action.

Dear Governor Pence,

Valeo Financial Advisors is committed to equal opportunity for our stakeholders, which include our employees and clients. We seek to provide opportunities for our clients to realize creative, thoughtful, and proactive investment and financial planning advice. In addition, we strive to create an environment conducive for our employees to deliver this advice.

As you can imagine, our client mix is diverse with regard to geographic location, religious views, political perspective, etc. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act concerns our employees and clients and is troubling to the reputation of our state. We echo prior comments from other leading Indiana company CEOs, in that we too seek to promote a fair, diverse and inclusive workplace. Our employees must feel welcome in the place where they work and live.

As we seek to attract and retain talented employees and new opportunities to deliver our value proposition to prospective clients, it is critical that we make it clear that Indiana is still known for Hoosier hospitality. For the above reasons, we ask that you take immediate action to ensure that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act will not sanction or encourage discrimination against any residents or visitors to our state, and that it cannot be used to justify discrimination based upon sexual orientation or gender identity.

With this, you will provide the reassurance to the people of our state, our nation and the world that is needed at this moment.


Valeo Financial Advisors

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