At Valeo, there is one transparent fee based on your net worth.  By focusing on net worth, we eliminate many of the conflicts of interest traditional advisors face when charging solely on investments.  We deliver financial planning and investment advice with one simple fee covering all we do for you.  In contrast, many advisors sell products to earn commissions, have fees that vary based on the type and quantity of assets they manage, allow fees to vary significantly for similar clients, charge separately for financial planning which likely means this is not a core service – and the list goes on.

Transparently, we publish our fee schedule for all to see right here on our website.  Think what it must mean if an advisor is unwilling to do this.  Their fees must either be too high, too confusing or inconsistent from client to client.  None of which is good.

  • Net Worth vs. Assets Under Management
    Net Worth vs. Assets Under Management
  • Our Fee vs. Their Fee(s)
    Our Fee vs. Their Fee(s)
  • Are There Exceptions?
    Are There Exceptions?
  • Account Minimums
    Account Minimums
  • Emerging Path
    Emerging Path
Annual Fee Schedule
Net Worth
% of Net Worth
First $6,000,000
Next $6,000,000
Over $12,000,000

*New clients pay a one-time transition fee equal to one quarter of their initial annual fee.

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