Careers at Valeo Financial Advisors

Our futures are highly correlated.

A career at Valeo provides:

  • The ability to earn a living as a financial advisor without ever having to sell a financial product.
  • The satisfaction of making a positive impact on our clients’ lives and the appreciation they show.
  • The camaraderie of working for a common goal with your peers to change an industry from isolated product sales to comprehensive, objective advice.
  • The energy of a continuous-improvement culture.
  • The freedom to create the work-life balance you desire.

We are pleased to offer our employees a variety of benefits and training programs. 

  • Health & Retirement

    We offer health care, flex spending, 401(k), profit sharing, death and disability benefits, and the opportunity to continue earning income in retirement from the practice you build.

  • Nontraditional

    Unlimited vacation, stand-up desks, dual-monitors, a clothing match for our younger advisors, on-site dry-cleaning & shoe shine services for all Valeo team members.

  • Training & Development

    Our Advisor Development and Career Path programs are for both young and experienced advisors. The programs set a clear path for establishing and continuously improving their careers. We believe if we can develop your expertise and lend you our credibility while you establish your own, you will be far more successful in establishing your clientele than if you attempted to do so on your own.

  • Save, Give, Grow

    We care about our employees, community and business. With our “Save, Give, Grow” program, employees are incentivized and encouraged to save for their family’s future, give back to our communities and invest in the growth of their business. We believe that by offering programs that promote the greater good of those around us, it encourages financial independence, thoughtfulness, and meaningful relationships.

Meet our Team
Valeo Careers

Valeo Financial Advisors was founded in 2003 to change the financial advising industry. Rather than product sales, we focus on advising the client in key financial areas of their life, such as tax planning, cash flow, debt management, investment allocations, and estate planning. Click below to meet our team and learn more about our advisors and staff.

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  • Mason Hughes

    Our collaborative approach to helping our clients. Our clients gain access to our entire team's knowledge base with how we share ideas and answers to questions on a daily basis.

    Mason Hughes
  • Justin M. Padgett

    I enjoy the environment of continuous improvement where the client always wins. It's exciting working with a group of long-term thinkers to change a broken industry.

    Justin M. Padgett
  • John T. Wortman

    I enjoy helping develop young, talented, caring advisors who start from scratch, and end up with careers that exceed what more experienced advisors, at other firms, have that do it the old way. I also enjoy what the compensation system does to force us to think what is best for the client and that my family benefits from what we are building if we do it well together vs alone.

    John T. Wortman
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