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Financial Planning

Domestic Economy

  • What the deficit deal is like to look like, and what comes after it: Washington Post
  • May CPI: Headline +0.2%, Core +0.3% BLS
  • Retail Sales Drop; Inflation In Check At (PPI) Wholesale Level NPR
  • New housing starts +560,000 (seasonally adjusted annual rate) better then expectations of +540,000 US Census
  • Capacity utilization stays at 76.7%, 3.7% below 1972-2010 average. Chart: Federal Reserve


  • A new piece by Mohamed El-Erian, “Europe’s Moment of Truth,” PIMCO
  • Country default risk; Greece distinguishes itself Bespoke
  • Chart: Which countries have had most, and least, GDP growth per person since 2001. The Economist


  • At CCC Greece is lowest rated sovereign in the world, says S&P. Comparison: Jamaica, Ecuador, Pakistan, Grenada all rank B- via FT Tilt
  • Argentine parallels to Greece: The humble Greek (and Argentine) depositor FT Alphaville
  • If Greece defaults on its payments, U.S. banks risk losing tens of billions of dollars MarketWatch


  • Conduit municipal bonds represent 20% of muni market, but account for about 70% of all defaults LA Times
  • The performance of 2011 IPOs- not as rosy as you would think. IPO Dashboards via Tableau
  • Senate votes to end $0.45/gl ethanol refiner subsidy & end $0.54/gal tariff on imported ethanol Reuters 


  • State freedom indexes: Indiana #3 overall, #1 regulatory, #4 personal, #13 economic, #24 fiscal policy George Mason
  • Indiana’s economy had the third-highest rate of growth in 2010; +4.6%. Map of all states in 2010: BEA


  • U.S. Airlines Collected $3.4B In Bag Fees In 2010 NPR
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