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Federal Government Spending

  • What if the Federal Government Did Not Borrow to Help Fund Obligations? Valeo Financial Advisors
  • The widening gap between federal spending and federal revenue. Picture: Valeo Financial Advisors
  • The government sends out a few hundred million checks a month. Washington Post
  • What should Congress do on debt crisis? Raise revenue? Cut spending? Plot your thought on the New York Times Debt Matrix. New York Times

U.S. Economy

  • Dissecting the “Slow Growth Economy” Valeo Financial Advisors
  • Q2 2011 GDP growth 1.3%. Economic Growth Tepid During the First Half of 2011. Chart: Valeo Financial Advisors
  • New Jobless Claims Dip Below 400,000 NPR
  • Durable goods -2.1% v. expectations of +0.3%, Ex transportation 0.1% v. expectations of +0.5%
  • Home ownership Falls to Lowest Since 1998 Bloomberg

The Debt Ceiling 

  • Everything you need to know about the debt ceiling in one post Washington Post
  • What Washington has that the NFL and NBA doesn’t – Elections FT Alphaville

The United States Credit Rating


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