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The Debt Ceiling 

  • Paying off the Debt – Federal Tax Receipts as a Percentage of GDP Valeo Financial
  • What happens in August if the debt ceiling is not raised? Answer in first paragraph. The Economist
  • Daily chart: The US #debt ceiling since 1940 The Economist
  • Current Senate “Gang of Six” proposal: Top individual income tax rate between 23% & 29%. Corporate rate between 23% & 29%. Bloomberg
  • Who owns America’s $14.3 trillion in debt? Breakdown by continent & country The Washington Post



  • The Nation: Greek To You? Understanding The Crisis NPR
  • Europe’s Biggest Banks Face $30B Greek Write-down Bloomberg
  • Podcast. We ask Ken Rogoff: How much debt is too much? And talk about debt in Greece, Italy and the U.S. Planet Money

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