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The U.S. Economy

  • U.S. Economy: Falling Short of Its Potential Valeo
  • U.S. pending home sales +8.2% in May, first y/y increase since April 2010. Moody’s
  • Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fell 4% in April vs. Year Earlier Bloomberg
  • Consumer Spending Pace Slowest Since 2009 NPR

The Federal Reserve / U.S. Treasury

Oil and Gas 

  • Retail gasoline prices have not decreased as quickly as crude oil prices. 1 year chart: Gas Buddy
  • Fluctuations in Oil Prices, Speculation, and Strategic Reserves Becker-Posner Blog

Around the World

  • Commercial-property prices around the world The Economist
  • US and UK deficits: Is the problem revenues or spending? Chart: The Economist
  • Chinese Largesse Supports Euro, But For How Long? Wall Street Journal
  • Christine Lagarde has been named the new head of the IMF: The Economist
  • Greece Secures Austerity Vote Wall Street Journal

Financial Planning

  • Retirement savings nears all-time high Yahoo! Finance
  • Exchange-traded funds ETFs: The risks created by complicating a simple idea The Economist


  • Ten (long standing)Brands That Will Disappear in 2012 24/7 Wall Street
  • What’s so great about small businesses? The Economist
  • Putting the past decade into perspective: Stat of the day (err, century) FT Alphaville
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