Trading Volume Surges on Global Developments in the Weekly Market Update by Valeo Financial Advisors (April 22, 2017)
April 22, 2017    Disclosures    POSTED IN  InvestmentsEconomyMarkets

Domestic trading volume climbed significantly during the week ending at 16 percent higher than the 30-day average as investors continually digest the geopolitical environment.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, received extreme support from Parliament on the planned June 8 election with only 13 of the 535 votes opposing the proposition.

First quarter 2017 GDP was 1.3% for the world’s second largest economy, China, which represents a 6.9% year over year rise and beating market expectations of a 6.8% gain.

PMI data was released for the Eurozone on Friday reflecting a six year high at 56.7 which was led by France unexpectedly surging to 57.4.  The U.S. PMI fell 0.3 points to 52.7.

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