The Week in Review from @valeofinancial (8-19-11)
August 19, 2011    Disclosures    POSTED IN  Markets

This week from the @valeofinancial Twitter feed

United States Economy

  • Manufacturing Firms Forecasting Weak Activity Valeo Financial Advisors
  • E-commerce retail sales climbed to a record high of $47.5 billion (seasonally adjusted) in 2nd quarter St. Louis Fed
  • Out with the Young (Change in labor force participation rates since recession start) SF Fed Reserve
  • Interesting new analysis of the effects of high oil prices on the economy
  • Industrial production in U.S. Rose 0.9% in July Bloomberg
  • Consumer Prices Up By The Most Since Spring NPR News
  • Producer Prices Rebound; ‘Core’ Inflation Jumps NPR News


United States Credit Rating


  • Will the Euro region issue Eurobonds?
  • Italy’s latest austerity budget. How many more will there be? The Economist
  • Japan Economy Contracted Less Than Estimated Bloomberg


  • Are big one-day falls in the Dow reflected in US GDP growth? The Economist
  • Largest non-financial companies in the world. The Economist
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