The Week in Review from Valeo Financial Advisors (September 28, 2012)
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Global Economy

  • From 2000-2010 14.2% of global economic growth came from the U.S. Where did the rest come from? Valeo Financial Advisors


  • Gen Y is less comfortable with equity risk than previous generations. Vanguard
  • Calculating the Illusive Size of “Mr. Market” CFA Institute


  • Outline of the “fiscal cliff” Bloomberg
  • The Drop in Property Taxes that Never Happened NAHB

U.S. Economy

  • U.S. consumer spending stalls after adjusting for inflation Bloomberg
  • The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) decreased to –0.87 in August from –0.12 in July.  Chicago Fed
  • U.S. jobless claims fall more than forecast to two month low | Bloomberg

Personal Finance

  • Cellphones Are Eating the Family Budget. The average household’s annual spending on phone services was $1,226 in 2011 Wall Street Journal
  • The average dollar amount spent on health care services for those with employer-sponsored insurance grew 4.6% in 2011 to $4,547/person HCCI
  • CFPB finds discrepancies in credit scores provided by credit bureaus Washington Post
  • In 2011 the number of 18-30-year-olds living with parents grew to 20.7 million. About 25% of Americans 18-30 now live with parents Bloomberg

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