The Week in Review from Valeo Financial Advisors (October 9, 2015)
October 9, 2015    Disclosures    POSTED IN  Markets

U.S. Economy

  • Jobless claims near 42-year low CNBC
  • Consumer borrowing slowed in August Bloomberg
  • Potential future interest rate hike could boost current home sales CNBC
  • Wholesale inventories rose and sales fell in August Reuters
  • Exports decreased and the trade deficit increased in August NY Times

Around the World

  • How China could be affected by being excluded from the Trans-Pacific Partnership USA Today
  • Impacts of decreasing global foreign-exchange reserves Economist
  • Greece must complete review of financial reforms before creditors will continue to recapitalize banks Reuters

Personal Finance

  • Options for refinancing student loans Reuters
  • Many Medicare plan premiums set to rise next year Reuters
  • ATM fees reach record high USA Today
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