The Week in Review from Valeo Financial Advisors (October 26, 2012)
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Economic History

U.S. Economy


  • Euro area government debt up to 90.0% of GDP at end of second quarter 2012 compared with first quarter 2012 Eurostat
  • Spain’s economy shrinks for fifth straight quarter amid bailout talks Bloomberg


  • S&P 500 firms’ cash balances approaching a record $1.5 trillion CNBC
  • Fed says econ growth remains moderate and affirms low rates through mid-2015. FOMC statement: U.S. Federal Reserve

Personal Finance

  • Money as You Grow: 20 things kids need to know to live financially smart lives Money As Your Grow
  • IRS Announces 2013 Inflation Adjustments, 401k limits, gift tax exclusion and long-term care changes The Wall Street Journal

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