The Week in Review from Valeo Financial Advisors (October 21, 2011)
October 21, 2011    Disclosures    POSTED IN  Markets

Financial Planning

  • The IRS Announces 2012 Cost of Living Adjustments Valeo Financial Advisors
  • Only 52% of workers filing a tax return contribute to a tax favored retirement plan (i.e. 401k, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA) CBO
  • Only 44% of Americans report that they currently have any estate planning documents. Forbes
  • Estate Planning: 12 Steps to Protect You and Your Family Valeo Financial Advisors

Generational Concerns

  • The Sandwich Generation? Between unemployed adult children and elderly parents who need care Kiplinger
  • The housing crisis has changed young people’s attitude about home ownership The Wall Street Journal
  • Will the housing bust produce a baby bust? The Economist

National Debts

  • Bold European Rescue Plan Expected, Despite Hurdles The New York Times
  • Secret government report: What if U.S. paid off entire national debt? Written in 2000, first published this week. Planet Money


  • Washington D.C. edges out San Jose for title of wealthiest U.S. metropolitan area. Bloomberg
  • Coin flips are not necessarily 50-50 Coding the Wheel
  • How long are American commutes? The Economist
  • If you do not use the Yellow Pages book that is delivered to your door each year, here is the link to opt out
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