The Week in Review from Valeo Financial Advisors (December 20, 2013)
December 20, 2013    Disclosures    POSTED IN  Economy

U.S. Economy

  • The current U.S. economic expansion is the 7th longest since at least 1854 Valeo Financial Advisors
  • The U.S. economy grew by an annualized 4.1% during the third quarter, the most in nearly two years. The Wall Street Journal
  • Housing starts in November were the strongest since February 2008 USA Today

The U.S. Federal Reserve

  • The United States Federal Reserve announced that it would begin to reduce the amount of bonds it buys each month from $85 billion to $75 billion Bloomberg
  • The Senate advanced the nomination of Janet Yellen as the next chair of the Federal Reserve. The Senate will have a final vote on her nomination January 6 CBS


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