The Week in Review from Valeo Financial Advisors (December 16, 2011)
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  • No one is allowed to own land anywhere in China Planet Money
  • China’s deserted fake Disneyland Reuters
  • What Explains China ’s Economic Growth, and Is it Sustainable? CFA Institute

Around the Globe

  • There have been just 44 corporate defaults around the world so far this year The Economist
  • The percent of U.S. and EU working-age (16-64) population that is employed, historically different, is now about the same. Graphic:  San Francisco Federal Reserve

United States Economy

  • Consumer prices in U.S. stagnate as gasoline drops  Bloomberg
  • Interactive: MetroMonitor Economic Performance Maps Brookings Institute

U.S. Agriculture

  • Bad economy? Farmers have one of best years ever Yahoo! Finance
  • Can the depression in the 1930s be chalked up to decline in America’s agricultural sector? The Economist


  • Study: Indianapolis tourism generated $3.6B last year. IBJ

The Psychology of Money

Happy Holidays

  • Which country get the most holiday entitlements? The Economist
  • Daily chart: Which nation is the most generous giver of Christmas presents? The Economist
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