The Week in Review from Valeo Financial Advisors (December 12, 2014)
December 12, 2014    Disclosures    POSTED IN  Markets


  • Oil prices continued to fall this week. The International Energy Agency cut its forecast for global demand BBC
  • Gas prices in much of the U.S. reached the lowest level in five years AAA
  • As fuel prices fall, U.S. import prices fell 1.5% from October to November, the sharpest decline in over two years RTT News

U.S. Economy

  • U.S. retail sales in November come in far better than forecast USA Today
  • The U.S. Producer Price Index fell in November. Excluding food and energy the index was flat, an indication of weak inflationary pressure CNBC

Around the World

  • The Japanese economy contracted by 1.9% during the third quarter Reuters
  • The People’s Bank of China injected about $65 billion into the nation’s banking system to spur lending MarketWatch
  • The Greek stock market plunged and the interest rates on government bonds spiked as an early presidential vote looms The Economist


  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranks the most disruptive ideas from the last 85 years Bloomberg


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