State Unemployment Rates – The Slow Uneven Recovery Since 2009
January 25, 2013    Disclosures    POSTED IN  Economy

Peak unemployment in the United States came shortly after the end of the Great Recession. Since October 2009, when the national unemployment rate stood at 10.0%, it has receded to 7.8%.

While the recession was felt nationally, the level of unemployment differed greatly among the states. During October 2009 the unemployment rate soared to 15.1% in Michigan and 13.0% in Nevada, while in North Dakota it stood at 4.2% and Nebraska 4.9%.

In the 26 months that followed October 2009 the recovery in the unemployment rate has been steep for many states, yet remains historically high for a post recession period of time. Below the October 2009 state unemployment rates are listed in red, today’s rate in black and the lowest level since 1976 for each state, in green. The only state that today has a higher rate of unemployment then it did in October 2009 is Colorado.

State Unemployment Rate December 2012Data Source: U.S. Department of Labor: BLS

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